At my last visit in Holland, a friend gifted me a book on the works of a photographer which at the time was an unknown to me. David Lahapelle, the more I looked at his photography works, the more I got compelled to see more and more. His storytelling is absolutely brilliant, choices of colors surreal, and compositions out of this world

Some of his works is totally surreal, and others more honest and to the bone. I fell in love with his quote from his book on nude photography as it tells it all “People say photographs don’t lie, mine do. If you want reality take the bus.”

It is almost like if his photos is born in the fever of a wild dream. Wild saturation, erotic compositions, celebrity and modern America possibly elevates his work to a level that stand out, putting him among the most influential art and celebrity photographers of his generation.

David LaChapelle
Diesel Jeans, Victory Day, 1945, 1994
David LaChapelle
Alek Wek: This is My House1997

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