The beauty of a handshake – Minolta AF 28-135mm F4-4.5

Urban legends never dies

Many refer to this lens as the “Secret Handshake” while based on the urban legend that it was a co-designed by both Minolta and Leica. This story has been reputed a number of times, while Leica never worked together with Minolta on the Dynax mount.


Quality never goes out of fashion

I bought my lens on EBay because I had read about its magical qualities. I just love the ‘look’ of this lens; there is something very reassuring about it, it was in fantastic condition and it quickly found its place in my bag as an all-round lens for the days when I want a little less weight to carry. It has its limitations with flare, it is very sharp, and its Colours are beautiful. It has an awesome macro, even if it is at the wide end.


Looking into ones wallet.

For some reason is this lens majorly under-priced on EBay. Built like a tank, and has this G class feel to it. It comes with my recommendations.

More information can be found on Kurtmunger


Macro Examples

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