Poltergeist House

Just outside Aarhus, Denmark in the small town Galten lies a house. The surrounding houses is well maintained giving a harsh contrast to this house. Open windows, a door barely on its hinges,  the garden over grown as if it is attacking the house. You get a strong sense of that the house is not welcoming you, it almost seems to ask you to stay away.


DSC08207-HDR.jpgThe disarray of the house is seems very odd. The second floor of house seems frozen in time, clearly in a disarray, no trace of recent inhabitants. It seems untouched in a way, like it echoes a time bubble only nature seems to deal with. The first floor the house seem to have been occupied until recently. Cans of food, candles some burned down all clear signs of inhabitants taking temporary residence in this mayhem only to be fleeing rapidly without bring anything of value with them.



In the old part of the house it is like nature is trying to crawl into the house, items dates back at least 40years. Childrens toys scattered in the rooms, giving a very eerie feeling, you get the distinct feeling that something passed here, something sinister, something forgotten.


at the lower part it seems that everything has been flying across the room, funiture being bolted through mid air through a window, doors thrown off its hinges drawers being emptied.




The basement seemed just as sinister

DSC08226-HDR.jpgMore pictures from the outside…


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