Lasagna di Salmone

Last night we had some friends over for dinner; it was much-needed kick-start to revive our social life after it, had been flat lined due to our projects at work and studies.

Lasagne is a winner for two reasons. It takes a limited effort in the kitchen and both kids as well as adults love it.

I decided to make two version of it. One traditional based on meat and bacon (a twist I am going to blog about soon) and a one with salmon. It is a self-composed recipe “Lasagne con Salmone e Funghi”.

I went with with dry white wine. I went with the Pinot Grigio 2011. In hindsight, I should have gone for some more sparkling, like Maison Noelie Laborde Crémant de Bourgogne. I can recommend buying wine from Regis Baccaro
(@regbac), who never fails finding you the right wine to the right price.

Cesari pinot grigio 2011



For starters, I like to point out a fact best formulated by, as Thomas Kejser once said success with Lasagne equal amount of Béchamel added.

Because fish is a low-fat Ingredient, add a little cream to my béchamel. A spoon full of Dijon will complement the fish nicely as well.

Texture is another key; you want people being able to identify the ingredients, so slice your Salmon in nice long fat chunks approx. ½ cm thickness. When boiling your broccoli, leave it crunchy, cool it off in water and slice it in thick crunch slices. Clean and slice your funghi, and you are good to go.

Build your lasagne, interleaving with plates and ingredients. When adding the fish, give them a good squeeze of lemon.

Top off with mozzarella, parmesan, and its ready for the oven for (20min)

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