Vatnajökull Glacier – Aurora Borealis

For many is Aurora Borealis the highlight a trip to Iceland. Even though the northern location of Iceland is fairly ideal for seeing Aurora is it far from every time you get to see it. Conditions have to be right, darkness, as less moon as possible, clear skies, solar storm and a magnetic fault that allows the particles to enter our atmosphere. Adding to this, you ideally want to be at a location that compliments the wonder in the sky at the right time for aurora. Trust me, it easily turns into a science project if you do not want to rely solely on your luck.

On our last visit (2017), we encountered a weak solar storm by surprise, conditions were less than favourable with winds blowing violently. The weak Aurora forced us to have long exposure times, impacting the definition of Aurora. Still, I consider our selves lucky to get these pictures with the Vatnajökull Glacier as a backdrop, and I do hope to get to improve the experience on this year’s travel to Myvatn. If all luck falls in place, I hope to get a shot of Aurora, with both a Vulcano towering up and a reflection in the water body of the lake. Ambitious, absolutely, random luck, sure there is an element of luck going in, but the planning I’ll come back to that in another blog post.

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