Expanding the frame, photography and History

I love to discover my country through my lens, Cromlechs lies scattered all over the country tying history and imagination. large, interlocking stones which were made in such a way as to remain stable without the use of mortar or cement. Some still in the form of a barrow, yet others free-standing, where the earth has weathered away, as a lone dolmen showing its single-chamber megalithic tomb. Usually, it is consisting of two or more vertical megaliths supporting a large flat horizontal capstone.

I am by far an expert at these tombs and their history, but visiting these ancient sites makes history vivid to me as they have a very strong visual presence. I guess that is why they are so compelling to Photography.

This page serves to tie my visits together, all its underlying pages has google map directions and pictures illustrating how my experience from the site was. The sites are all under free access to the public but do take the assigned paths to them.

This list is going to grow as I get to add my visit

  • Troldkirken
  • Poskær Stenhus
  • Trusholm
  • Stenvad

Another place to seek locations around Europe is this splendid site: Dolmens in…



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