Bregninge Fattiggård

I was visiting Ærø, and and a fellow Photographer Poul Anders, Marstal, he took us on a roadtrip around the eile.

It was a cold and rainy day, and my expectations was not all that great, but it turned out really interesting and this is my photos from one of the locations on that tour.

location :

Mølledamsvej bregninge


We arrived in rainy weather, the house was in a horrible condition and wasn’t all that promising judging from its initial appearance. Windows broken wide open, most of them missing their glass, the brick wall exposed to the elements. It is situated looking over landfield with an magnificient view, absolutely a place I want to revisit in better weather.


The garden on the backside of the building is really dark, neglected and a overgrown Blackberry shrubbery. An exterior basement stairs leads down and into the house.


Wines growing in the garden


As you enter the house you enter a corridor with rooms on either side. The doors is knock off their hinges and everything is in disarray. The wallpaper is hanging from the wall, giving a irry feeling. the ceiling  has holes from people which has obviously having fallen through, at the same time this allows you to take a peek upstairs but also gives you a warning that this section of the house is unsafe to venture.


The old workshop was really interesting, it was like the house was under attack. Light pouring in where the roof had come through the ceiling, tiles scattered all over, water damage. The window covered blackberry shrubbery, without any glass the wines has easily started their marsh into the house.


The deterioration seems to be the same all over, time, forces of nature, vandalism setting in all over.


It is like everything was frozen in time and despair, like the inhabitants of this house simply just left from one day to another.


Flooring and brick walls seems health, makes you ponder what happened here. Even with the rubble and despair, the house seems to be within the reach of salvation.




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