Tamron 150-600/5-6.3 Di, Silent like a ninja heavy like boxer


This blog is a Co-write with Claus Møller whom supplied the photos for this blog post.


What are we shooting with?

The Tamron 150-600mm f/5-6.3 is a bargain; it is silent, fast and accurate autofocus. With its 4x ultra-telephoto zoom lens with a focal length range of 150mm to 600mm, 100mm longer than most of their competitors, only Sigma offers the same range. Solidly built. With approximate 2kg, it is not excessively heavy would I not claim this to be a light lens, honestly, I have seen worse. It comes with cup-shaped lens hood. It features a beautiful background blur effects thanks to a nine blade circular diaphragm, and enables the photographer with a comfortable autofocus featuring an Ultrasonic Silent Drive motor (USD). Regarding filters, does this lens use “Screw on” filter size of 95mm, the lens itself is a beat at 25.78cm. It has a minimum focus distance of 2.7m and operates within the aperture range of Maximum Aperture: f/5-6.3 to Minimum Aperture: f/32-40

Tamron aims with this lens to satisfy enthusiasts and professionals that are looking for a high quality, versatile zoom lens for a variety of needs, including sports, moon and wildlife photography. The sharpness is good and for a 600mm lens, but it also holds its own at 150mm. Using a tele converter, it is on expense of light and with an additional 2x converter loses you 2 stops, do the math, the widest aperture this lens can shoot at 1200mm is f/13..Awesome.


Where is it sharpest.

The f-stop range where this lens is at its sharpest seems to be between f7.1 – f8 range.


What is not to like about the lens

Zooming out beyond 500mm with the Tamron 150-600mm causes softening of the image once the lens goes beyond 500mm, but the images we have produced is definitely acceptable. Sharpness does increase if you stop the lens down to f/8. It is also a major disappointment that Tamron do not supply any sort of carry case or protective bag.


Looking at the wallet

How many other zoom lenses is yielding 600mm on a full frame camera for less than $1,200? Yes, you got it…none. The closes competitor is Sigma, which is considerably more expensive.


Additional Resources


Button layout of the lens

The layout of the buttons is very handy; the lens support ring can be removed entirely from the lens.



Example shoots

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