Callian is beautiful city, situated on a mountain top, where it looks down on the plains between the Massif de l’Estérel to the south and the beginning of Alpes to the north.


The city boasts its own medieval castle from the 12th – 13th century perched high on the rocks, pretty homes, winding streets and flowered staircases.


I can recommend venturing into these romantic streets, willingly gets lost for a brief moment, only to find your way back again. Venture down to the village square, in the shade of the chestnut trees and the plane trees, to make the most of the coolness from the waterfall close by.


Then venture up to the Castle and the Penitents chapel from the 12th century which is situated next by. Do go inside it’s free entrance and is mostly used as a showroom for expositions and various events.


At the foot of the mountain, below the city is the old Notre Dame Chapel from 10th century.

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