Iceland – the land of light – Third

This is going to be my third post on Iceland I hope you have had a chance to view the many photos in (part 1 and Part 2). I am going to focus on panoramas in this third post, less texts and more photos. Iceland is such a different place, so hard to describe, rough nature, real nature, and all over. There is no other place that draws me like Iceland does, and I could easily se myself living on this windy rough island.

_DSC9839-Pano 1024

_DSC9941-Pano 1024.jpg

_DSC9953-Pano-1 1024.jpg

_DSC0040 1024.jpg

_DSC0047-Pano 1024

_DSC0050-Pano 1024.jpg

_DSC0055-Pano 1024.jpg

_DSC0064-Pano 1024.jpg


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