An abundance of tomatoes

If you’re growing tomatoes, you’ve likely waited months for that first ripe, juicy taste. After months of weeding, watering and tending, they’re finally here. This year’s tomato crop has arrived with a bang. That’s great news for people like me with a craving for Italian food.

Classic tomato sauce, made with red, ripe, flavoursome tomatoes is the very essence of Italien food. The tomatoes’ concentrated flavour goes well with everything from the simple fresh pasta, pizzas to the most complex rabbit roast.  It can be made well ahead, reheated, and it even freezes well for later use.

It is simple to make, it can simmer for hours, with very little attention, and the taste is second to none, it is simply not possible to buy factory made with the same flavour.


I start up with dicing up the tomatoes, I generally do not want to blend the tomatoes while it ruins the texture and the visual impression when used in my dishes. Basil and Parsley chopped finely and added along with a clove of garlic, some Chili, wine. Reduce it gently, let it take its time to reduce without boiling out.


Taste with salt and pepper and you are all set. I like to pour the tomato sauce into plastic bags, while it allows for freezing for later use. Enjoy


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