Pharmacist’s House in Pimpedal

The ancient place name of this place is in danish “Apotekerens Hus i Pimpedal” (Pharmacist’s House in Pimpedal).

The place has no historical value but is one of these interesting places to go in the hunt for motives. The house dates back to in 1908 and lies beautifully on “Raven Hill” in “Funder Bakker”. It has the name from from its owner “pharmacist Kabel”.

The house was constructed by the carpenter Jakob Lunding who was local from Funder. The house was Norwegian timber house build on a foundation of concrete and granite boulders. The wine cellar under the house is still visible today. The house burned down In 1913, but as you might see from the ruins was the basement spared. Stories tells that it was young local people who was drinking of the wine, who accidentally set the place on fire.

Today only ruins of the foundation is visible, it still stands proud with beautiful arches and stairs at the back.

I wanted to give this place a ghostly appearance I hope you enjoy the result.




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