24-70 a most boring range

I love my SAL2470z, a gem of a 24-70 f/2.8, but I am by far married to it, to be honest I very seldom use it. The Sony Carl Zeiss is technically speaking an excellent quality lens, with a consistent f/2.8 aperture through the entire focal range.

It is perfect for photographing fast changing, dynamic events with a mix of indoor and outdoor photos at relatively close range. It allows me to quickly compose shots on the fly.  I am sure it is worth every dollar of its pricetag of 2K$, it is built to be optically fantastic, and tough enough to take a beating. It really is the world’s sharpest mid-range zoom, and it will withstand the toughest of conditions with its solid metal construction.

The reason why I do not really like the lens isn’t to be found with the lens itself. I simply do not appreciate the concept of the mid-range zoom. I find that the zoom, is good at almost everything within its working parameter, but not really outstanding at anything. I do miss a good shallow depth of field with this lens, Its bokeh, not really good. I find the lens to be very boring, a marvellous compromise, but not really giving me anything on the artistic side, areas where I desire to use it.

… Guldmann

2 thoughts on “24-70 a most boring range

  1. So what is your favourite? which do you prefer to use the most often? Cheers.

    1. Favorite 🙂 I got a lot of favorites
      Only one zoom made my favorite liste the 80-200 HS APO f/2.8
      If I was doing wedding photography I would likely have been loving my 24-70, as it would be my bread and butter.

      however I love manual old vintage lenses. I just bought a 50mm trioplan which I expect much from. Should I point at one prime which should be my favorite then it would be the Meyer-Optik Görlitz Orestor 2.8 135mm


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