Iceland – the land of light – Hveraröndor Hverir

I think I’ve stated before that Iceland is an incredible land of unbridled natural forces, where all of them, that is fire, earth, water, and air, combine together to make a really explosive mixture. This year’s travel to Iceland is literally boiling. We are heading northeast, towards a stunning lake, called Mývatn. This blog post is on a special site closely situated to this beautiful lake.

Hveraröndor Hverir, the first thing that struck me when arriving at the Námaskarð mountain, is the sheer lack of vegetation. The constant emission of the fumes has made the ground utterly sterile and acidic, unfit to sustain any floras and faunas. The orangy-red landscape, puffs of smoke, an intense smell of rotten eggs bear witness of sulfuric gasses emitting from below, the steaming fumaroles, bubbling mud pits truly sets Hverir apart, there is no place like this boiling inferno at the foot of the Namafjall volcanic mountain.

_GLD0351 1024

An amazing stroll. I see a lot of people visiting the boiling mud ponds and the steaming fumaroles, it is, in my opinion, a shame. First of all is there a lot more behind the mountain of the same, but moreover a fantastic view from the top of the mountain over the volcanic area and all the way down to Myvatn. The stroll is short in a distance with its 2.8km, but a little demanding in terms hight meters as you’ll have to assent 154 meters. Besides, from that, it is by far an impossible walk.  It is perfectly safe as well as the route is clearly marked off by ropes. The route starts and ends at the same place, the reason why it is not shown in the map below is that I managed to start my Garmin watch late. It might seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many that turn up in their jeans and small shoes, dress for winter!

The route starts and ends at the parking lot at the red marker.
_GLD0396 1024
A view over the volcanic area, taken while climbing the mountainside.


_GLD0425 1024
A view from the top

1 thought on “Iceland – the land of light – Hveraröndor Hverir

  1. Gary Plummer 06/11/2018 — 21:35

    WOW, fantastic place! Great photographs.

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