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photography is for me an expression of art

Sharpening with Blur

Sharpening with blue, It did sound really weird in my ears, how is it working for you. For a long time I’ve tried to get my head around why this Photoshop technique is so powerful as it is, but have yet to understand why. What i think is that it increases the harshness of the areas that makes up the contrast contours, much like when sharpening with high pass filter+overlay, but should you know more, then drop me a mail, I would like to know more. Continue reading Sharpening with Blur

Black and White

When it comes to making Black and White photos, do I prefer Camera Raw over Photoshop Black & White conversion adjustment layer. There is several reasons why I never really liked Photoshop Black & White conversion adjustment layer. One obvious reason is the disadvantage of being destructive towards the image information but more that the results from using it is far below what I can get from Camera Raw, which isn’t only a heck of a lot better, but also a lot faster to use. Before the Light Room people starts wobbling, lets all agree that its equally great, at it is a smart wrapping of Camera Raw combined with Bridge. Continue reading Black and White

Iceland – the land of light – Third

This is going to be my third post on Iceland I hope you have had a chance to view the many photos in (part 1 and Part 2). I am going to focus on panoramas in this third post, less texts and more photos. Iceland is such a different place, so hard to describe, rough nature, real nature, and all over. There is no other place that draws me like Iceland does, and I could easily se myself living on this windy rough island. Continue reading Iceland – the land of light – Third

Iceland – the land of light – First

Iceland is one of the countries I cannot get enough of, I love to visit it again and again. Every time I have had the pleasure of going to Iceland it has resulted in new adventures and new impressions. Last year we visited the western parts surrounding Reykjavik, but this year we went more Eastover. The plan was to be staying just south from Vatnajökull and some 90km west of Höfn, focusing on the coast, glacier and icebergs. The trip did prove itself to be much more than planned, there was a abandoned Viking movie set, in stunning surroundings, Aurora Borealis, waterfalls, ice caving, canyon hike, stunning coastal sites, caves at Vik and more. Continue reading Iceland – the land of light – First