Minolta 17-35 F/2.8-4.5 D on Sony Alpha A99 V

First impression

I have mixed feelings with this lens, the build seems to be good quality, and heavy glass, easy handling, sharp at the center of the glass, but the corners are not at my expectations. From the photo reviews I have seen, is It not true that the quality of this lens equals its cousin the 17-35 F/3.5 G, Nevertheless, in the range F/f5.6-7.1 is starts to get sharp, and F/f7.1-11 it becomes ultra-sharp and produces those “Minolta” colours.


How I use it

I use this lens for my Night/Astro Photography. The lens is effectively a 16-35 as I am using it on Sony Alpha A99V due to that the camera is a Full Frame. I am still in the process of learning photography in this area, and the glass quality still not the bottleneck for me. So for now I not willing to pay the six times higher price, getting the G version.



This lens is a bargain; it is good quality for that you pay. There is plenty in good excellent condition on the marked. I got mine off EBAY for 110 USD, the money will easily its way back when I eventually move on to either a G class version or the Zeiss Version.

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