Das Objektiv, Meyer-Optik Görlitz Orestor 2.8 135mm (4)

Now 3 weeks into my ownership of the Meyer Görlitz Orestor. Possibilities seems endless with this piece of glass, there is more than portraits and bobbles in it. Already now it stands clear to me that this lens is possibly the one in my collection that is closest to my heart.

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This vintage 135mm prime telephoto lens offers a sharp image. Its design is compact and calls for fast shooting and easy handling. Even tough that the lens is on the heavy side, it still allows for easy panorama shooting, while it its very well balanced on my A99V. In short the Vintage Meyer M42 Orestor 135mm F2.8 makes for amazing gear for panorama photography.


One of this lens attributes is a wonderful warm tone to its colors. It becomes especially evident under times of the golden hour. Beautiful warm colors become almost magical. Directional light, with the sun very low in the sky, giving an angle more drastic in relation to the earth, making shadows longer and softer.


I keep being amazed over the span of this glass, the colors it reproduce is very true to the scene. Together with the inherent sharpness of the lens makes it a joy to shoot nature scenes




2 thoughts on “Das Objektiv, Meyer-Optik Görlitz Orestor 2.8 135mm (4)

  1. Beautiful images! , that I looked up as I just bought one these lenses and am looking forward to using it. Thanks! Alan Becker Aspen, Colorado

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