Land of Light – Sólfar

Everything about the sculpture Sólfar (Sun Voyager) is like a dream. Constructed by the late Artist Jón Gunnar Árnason, perhaps he was the most remarkable sculptor in Iceland.

The Sculpture and Shore Walk by the shoreline in Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland. At first, you might think its a Viking ship, but it’s not meant to be. According to Jón Gunnar, it is a dreamboat.

I guess interpretations of the craft belongs to the spectator, and we can freely form our own view on what it means. To me, there were several notable impressions, first of all, the material, at first cold, but then when reflecting the sun it has a warmth to it. Then stern of the boat pointing to the sea, lifting up almost like the boat is taking off, to me it conveyed a feeling of wanderlust, a hope for adventure, eager to get out there. Then the was the construction, bones like a whale, a form resembling a Viking ship, a Dragons head, the spine of a fish to me that embraced everything there is to say about the violent and harsh living conditions there historically has been in Iceland.

There are plenty more posts in this series, reflecting my love of the light and scenes Iceland has to offer.

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