Das Objektiv, Meyer-Optik Görlitz Orestor 2.8 135mm (3)

I am 3 days into my ownership of the Meyer Görlitz Orestor. Already now is it clear to me that this is perhaps the most intriguing lens I ever owned.

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Sharpness and Characteristics

In terms of image quality and sharpness is this glass full up to speed with the best of modern lenses, and yet it manage to retains a special character all of its own. With a 5 element in 4 group design the image quality is altogether more refined, and with a detail capture it is more than adequate to be used with any modern digital camera.


Separation Ability

Besides its sharpness is its bokeh perhaps its most flattering attribute. Due to that its iris holds 15 blades, its aperture reflections are wonderfully uniform and round. Despite the more modern of the lens it manage to regain an aestheticism to its expression and  character. Its ability to provide separation comes through its ability to create an almost ‘oil painting’ a like background when used wide open. Colours and structures flow into each other to wonderful affect.


Focus and Aperture Handling

The lens is fully manual and the focus ring requires a long 320° movement between the closest distance of 160cm to infinity, this, together with the inherent sharpness of the lens, enables very fine focus adjustments.

The aperture ring moves seamless between f/2.8-f/32, and can be locked at any full stop setting. This is a great feature, while it allows for a focus while full open, and quickly closed down to the locked position, without the need to check visually.

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