Sun Sniper Pro II


Carrying your camera and still feeling secure

There is many carrying straps on the marked, unfortunately is many of them of poor build quality, plastic fastening screws, screws that comes loose, leavers that do not lock proper. Reading review upon review the choice boiled choices down to the BlackRapid and the Sun-Sniper Strap. Both of them awesome build quality, both with excellent reputation, both of them with good design. The construction on both straps is very similar with only small deviations.

My choice fell on the Sun Sniper PRO II because it offers a more security, with its Steel & Bear strap, which has the steel enforced strap to prevent thieves from cutting the strap, is it just excellent.

My advice is not to fall for a cheaper alternative, because you will be saving at the wrong end. If your expensive camera and favourite lens crash to the ground because you are using a cheap strap with a poor build quality.

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