Zuccherificio – Porto Tolle, Veneto

Today we visjted the Zuccherificio in Porto Tolle. Though the factory itself is in sorry shape, it’s remarkably free from overt graffiti and vandalism while a host of curious industrial relics remain in situ.

This sugar mill was built in 1924 by an independent company called Zuccherificio “Delta Po”. As the name suggests, the factory was located within the Po river delta. The surrounding area of the Po river is a very fertile agricultural region, and today largely turned into a naturpark. At the time, the sugar mill was among the largest in the country with a beet processing capacity of 1800 t/d. The complex, which included an alcohol distillery and a private loading dock, was supplied through a long aerial ropeway passing over the river. The factory was closed/abandoned in 1986.

The factory from 1960


The factory today 2017


Inside the main building, undergrowth is growing among broken glass and concrete


The rusty window frame, is bend, some of the frames is still with glass.DSC01629-HDR

The factory yard behind the main building, once the location of the mighty chimney, which got demolished some 10 years ago.


Looking into the store facility


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