Vatnajökull Glacier – walkabout

Vatnajökull is beyond words. So huge, too violent to grasp. We can’t even begin to imagine an area with up to 60 meters’ snowfall a year! Instead of attempting to describe it, I am going to tell you about an adventure/experience we had where two of the glacier’s isthmuses reach down and collide forming an ice cave.

We got to see the amazing natural surroundings and the glacier itself. In order to reach the entrance of the cave, we had to walk on the glacier. The whole journey from start to finish turned out to be a photographer’s dream.

We chose a guided tour, as glaciers can be dangerous in so many ways and we had no intention of risking dangerous situations with hidden crevasses etc. Moreover is helmets and crampons a must to cross the glacier to the cave. The guided pointed out the safe route, and also pointed out depression where the overlying ice was undermined by meltwater. Even though we now are able to spot these dangers, would I still go with a guided tour rather than risking my luck, regardless of how expensive they seem to be.

_DSC9761 1024

_DSC9745 1024.jpg

_DSC9736 1024.jpg

_DSC9728 1024



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