Speakeasy at Capitol Hill

Going to Seattle every year opens op for exploring new places in the city. Seattle holds a number of places which isn’t all that obvious to find, but true gems to visit.

Last time a good friend of mine took us to the “Knee High Stocking Co.”. The place is a true prohibition-style “speakeasy” located on Capitol Hill.

It was somewhat confusing reaching the location, a unassuming door and a sign was the only welcome.  Once you make the initial check, and you are let in you’ll find the a cozy space and the people working here to be friendly, skilled and helpful. The cocktail & drinks menu is pages and pages long. We took the expert mixologist recommendations, and wasn’t disappointed, Diego’s One True Love which is a Diego’s One True Love, which is a mix of El Dorado 5yr Rum, Averna Amaro, Cold Brew, Aztec Chocolate Bitters, Heavy Cream, Simple and awesome. Another hint, don’t miss out on their bar food, that is much beyond expectations, we had  .

You’ll find Knee High Stocking Co. at Capitol Hill. To enter, look for the nondescript-apartment style building on the corner of East Olive Way and East Olive Place and ring the doorbell marked “visitors.”. A final hint is that resevations is worth making, you’ll find the number to text on their page.





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