Breaking away from how you see scenes

This blog post addresses how we see scenes. Have you ever considered how 99% of photos are being shot; upright standing, eyes to the viewfinder and shooting at eyelevel. We shoot the world from where we as a person see it.
Change this and you change the game; a change in perspective will dramatically change your photos and the stories they are telling.

Shoot from above – bird’s eye

This perspective might be a classic, but it is still very effective. Climb a ladder and take a shot from above. The more straight downward, you can point your camera, the more effect full will your photos be.

Johan Rastenberger explains: “Tears” was recorded using a stand and a boom. This was the enabler for taking a photo from almost directly above. A tethered setup allowed for control of his Sony A7, and enabled him to recompose this photo to perfection.


Central Perspective

When you take photos at eye-level, it’s called the ‘central perspective’. This is great for taking clear photos of landscapes or buildings, and portrait photos of people and animals. It is particularly important when taking photos of small children. Do make sure you down in level with them.

Go close

You’ll be amazed. Try to go close, and when you think you are there, home in and go even closer. A world of perspectives will open up; perspectives only reveal themselves once you’re close enough.

Johan Rastenberger elaborates on the thought process behind “Landscape of muscles”. The intent behind the photo was to give the beholder an illusion of a landscape. Usually you will see this type of photos with a female model in center. Intentionally Johan aimed for more rough expression. And with intent, is a portion of the face left visible, it serves as a vanishing point over a “mountain” landscape… interested in more Bodyscape? go check out the rest of the portfolio.

Shoot from below

Get own on the ground and shoot up. Buildings will frame your subject. Perception of what is big and small becomes surreal. The whole world bends all around your main subject.


Shot from the hip

Don’t think just shoot. Forget about perspectives, take your phone in your hand and shoot without looking through the display. This style is my preferred method when I want to shoot as low-ley as possible. Doing street photography it is often about not drawing attention, It is often preferable to keep the subject unaware of that he is the motive. Only look at the results afterwards – you’ll always be surprised.


Frog view

As with Shoot from below you need to be on the ground. Instead of shooting up you shoot straight. The result: the world seen from a frog’s perspective. A fairly uninteresting street photo suddenly shows more dimension.

I hope this blog post will influence on how you see scenes. Open your mind of photography…

Remember famous words of Ansel Adams “You don’t take a photograph, you make it

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  1. Great post, plenty of new things to try from this. 🙂

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