Poltergeist House

Just outside Aarhus, Denmark in the small town Galten lies a house. The surrounding houses is well maintained giving a harsh contrast to this house. Open windows, a door barely on its hinges,  the garden over grown as if it is attacking the house. You get a strong sense of that the house is not … More Poltergeist House

Abandoned Places

The Aesthetic in Ugliness Even as we dream of shiny new futures, many of us are captivated by images of crumbling modern buildings, mental institutions that have faded from use, amusement parks reclaimed by nature, houses that will never again serve as homes. Abandoned buildings often makes interesting motives, they offer abundance of details to … More Abandoned Places

Casa de Muñeca

Scattered around the land lies small abandoned cottages, the reason why they lie uninhibited is often lost in time. At times the surroundings offer hints of why, a freeway to close to comfort, a fire, and at other times is the house simply not worth for human living due to the state of the property. … More Casa de Muñeca

About, to be triggered

VILTROX JY-710 2.4GHZ Wireless Remote Shutter This wireless intervalometer works wonders, I have used it extensively, it has a good battery life, handles extreme cold well, no problem with baking sun either. It is compatible with most camera systems, but beware to get the right version. It claims having a control distance up to 100 meters, yet … More About, to be triggered

How to turn your IPAD into a high resolution scanner

If you do not familiar with GARY L. FRIEDMAN  then you are missing out as he is the author of some really insightful books on cameras but also writing some always yielding blog posts. This one i enjoyed alot, while scanning photos and negatives always has been a pain for me. Garys solution is so obvious … More How to turn your IPAD into a high resolution scanner