Sharpening with Blur

Sharpening with blue, It did sound really weird in my ears, how is it working for you. For a long time I’ve tried to get my head around why this Photoshop technique is so powerful as it is, but have yet to understand why. What i think is that it increases the harshness of the areas that makes up the contrast contours, much like when sharpening with high pass filter+overlay, but should you know more, then drop me a mail, I would like to know more. Continue reading Sharpening with Blur

Black and White

When it comes to making Black and White photos, do I prefer Camera Raw over Photoshop Black & White conversion adjustment layer. There is several reasons why I never really liked Photoshop Black & White conversion adjustment layer. One obvious reason is the disadvantage of being destructive towards the image information but more that the results from using it is far below what I can get from Camera Raw, which isn’t only a heck of a lot better, but also a lot faster to use. Before the Light Room people starts wobbling, lets all agree that its equally great, at it is a smart wrapping of Camera Raw combined with Bridge. Continue reading Black and White

Looking for a shallow depth of field

If you, like me, is in love with bobble bokeh’s then you’re looking for small depth of field, where you isolate your motive against an out-of-focus background, with highlights creating its magic. Its nothing new to most that the key is to use a small f-number, get close, and use a long focal length lens, but are you familiar with everything that drives a shallow depth of field ? Continue reading Looking for a shallow depth of field

Fewer Photos, More Meaning

A few months ago I visited Guggenheim in Bilbao. Their Photography and Video Exhibition. I’ve always been inspired by seeing other work, sometimes they provoke you into a mindset, at other times they confirm you in your own direction. Just as wild and mind-blowing the Guggenheim is seen from the outside, just as different it is seen from the inside. The outside is a piece of art by itself, where the inside makes the room become one with the pieces on display. Simplicity, Singletons, and  space is communicator surrounding the works. Continue reading Fewer Photos, More Meaning

Thoughts on memory cards

With my latest shift from the Sony Alpha A99V to the 42megapixel Sony Alpha A99II came the need for more space. Until that point of change my 64GB cards had been more than sufficient, where should I go. Should i stay on the 64GB range or move up to 128 or even 256GB ? Should I use one large card or several smaller ones. I know this is by far a new discussion but here is my take. Continue reading Thoughts on memory cards

Pimientos Piquillo Rellenos de Carne

One on of my favorite dishes is when my chilien wife makes a speciality from her home country “Pimientos Piquillo Rellenos con Carne (Stuffed Smoked Piquillo Peppers with meat)”. As the tast grows in intensity is it almost a requirement that they are to be made a day in advance, the stuffed Piquillo peppers are served as “tapas”, they are creasy delicious.  Continue reading Pimientos Piquillo Rellenos de Carne

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