The Limestone mines at Mønsted

The scale of this mine is striking; this giant ant nest is a labyrinth of 60 km of passageways with enormous caverns and narrow tunnels. Approximately 2 km of the 60 km of passageways are lit. A multi-media presentation shows the history of the mines. Exhibitions and films tell about bats, geology and mining.

The first mining activities recorded are dating back to medieval times, back then was the carried out of the mines, this took place up to year 1826 where king Frederik 6 commanded hoists to be made.

The limestone of the Caves of Mønsted dates back to the same period as the limestone of Bulbjerg and the upper parts of Stevns Klint. That the limestone of Mønsted reaches the surface is due to a deep-seated salt dome that lifts the limestone to the surface.

Getting there

Mønsted Limestone Mines



As a photography object it is a treasure, framing and compositions is easily found. Remember your tripod as long exposures are need and flashes are frowned upon.

2 thoughts on “The Limestone mines at Mønsted

  1. Do read about the formation of Mønsted. Claus Møller has kindly compiled a document for us.

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