Brattingsborg Voldsted

This is my second visit at Hald Oaks, and the lake. The area around Hald Lake southwest of Viborg is quite unique. Glacier flows met at this place during the last Ice Age, and melt shaped an almost dramatic landscape with hills, slopes, ravines and a very deep lake.

Not far from Hald ruins (a late medieval castle, bishop Hald). In this area are there a number of mounds, where the oldest is Brattingsborg which probably was built in the 1200s. The fortification is located on a hillside and consists of two quadrilateral banks. The one knock has probably been intended for defense and the other for habitation. Brattingsborg was probably abandoned when Niels Bugge in the mid-1300s built his castle some hundred meters southwest.

Latitude: 56°23’31.92″
Longitude: 9°21’2.52″

3 thoughts on “Brattingsborg Voldsted

  1. Very nice trees with the blue sky in the background.

    1. Many thanks, its amazing with the old Oaks. If they only could tell their 300 year story.

      1. You’re welcome. Yes these old oaks are marvelous. We have many California Life Oaks where I live. They are majestic and so difficult to photograph by themselves. No where for the eye to rest.

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