A-Mount to E-Mount Adapters, LAEA2, 3 or 4

I’ve been a Amount shooter for years, and because of that I got a great number of quality Amount lenses which I treasure greatly and wouldn’t part with for the world.

Now I am in the situation where I am about to change my old faithful A99V to either A99II or a new E mount platform.

Choosing to adapt from A->E mount has implications, which I quite late became aware of.

The 1 and 2 adapters are the same as the 3 and 4 adapters except the 1 & 2 are designed for APS/C cameras while the 3 & 4 are for FF cameras.

When using LA-EA 4 (and 3), you can only use the PDAF module in the adapter. Which is the same as the AF module you can find in a 6 years old entry level A-mount SLT 33.  This disables the advanced focusing system of the new E mount camera, and replaces it with the 5 year old focusing system. That has 12 AF points and only covers the center region of the frame.

….its not going to be an option for me…

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