EvaSolo gas grill almost worry-free

I though why waste your time futzing with all that messy and unpredictable charcoal or wood when the food just ends up tasting vaguely of lighter fluid? After all, the charcoal-broiled taste is a result of burning fat.

Most of the gas monsters they push at the local marked is ugly big, and EvaSolo quickly stood out, The grill is all stainless steel through and through, and has a minimalist look that went really well with my garden. It has three adjustable burners to keep that steak sizzlin’, unfortunately it’s here I discovered the Achilles heel is of having an Eva Solo.

Even though the burners didn’t show sign of heavy rust, they cracked releasing the gas in a dangerous manner. I must admit that I expected that EvaSolo offered spare parts, after all its 5 years since they sold a 900£ Grill, sadly I was mistaken.

If you got 900 pounds to spend every 5 year, I can strongly recommend this beautiful grill, if not.. try to go for a company with a better customer service.

I should have visited TrustPilot prior to buying from EvaSolo.

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