Sony’s traumatized A-mount

I am almost tempted to say ‘I knew it’, Sony launches a new flagship every 4th year on the A-Mount platform, and according to reliable news they will soon do that again.

There is a problem, part of the community has fallen for the marketing of the new E mount, selling all their praised glass from the A mount, or investing in less desirable solutions with adapters. Somehow, it became a truth that “A-Mount” was dead, even though that Sony officially disputed that.

The frustration over the new A-Mount arriving, and the death of the king seems to be false, turns into false predicaments is expresses itself in statements such as “if not now, then when”

I for one might be impatient, but also reluctant replace my A99V, the camera overall is still the best that Sony has produced, and I for one want to see ground breaking news before I replace it. Should the new #A99II be as amazing as stated, then I will definitively buy one… I have invested much A-Mount glass, and i like it.

7 thoughts on “Sony’s traumatized A-mount

  1. Great news, I too am not ready to abandon my ‘A’ mount glass, looking forward to the upgrade and, like you, I still love my A99!

  2. Also have the a99v, only missing, is the high ISO to shoot inside, and problems with the Steady shoot function …..

    1. What steady shot issues were you having?

  3. timfederwitz 12/08/2016 — 15:51

    I only just got into Sony A mount with the purchase of the a77ii. I absolutely LOVE the a77ii, but the *only* drawback for me is that it is not full frame. However, this also has its Pros, like being able to take 12 frames per second for my kids sports, greater depth of field so it is easier to take pictures in focus (this is also a Con in my book, but it all depends on the type of shot you are going for), and cheaper lenses that are still great.

    I still would like a full frame camera for the ability to get that ultra shallow DoF for creative purposes and portraits, but I imagine my a77ii will still be my go to camera for most of my needs, which it has filled SO well to date. So I am thinking I will look for a used a99 instead of the new model (unless the new model will do 12fps, which I can’t see it doing)… and I was going to just buy one now, but imagine there will be more on the market and prices will drop once the new m2 is released.

    What do you think?

    1. I think you got a killer of a Camera; the A77-II is a superior camera to the A99 in more than one feature. The processing of dark skies and realization is faster than the A99.

      You mention sports, and again is the A77-ii a wise choice, having an APS-C sensor gives you that 1.5x for free on the distance, and it is fast; again I would say you chose the right platform.
      Regarding DoF is there really no difference if you are using A99 or A77-ii it depends on the aperture you can set your lens to. You A77-ii might handle higher ISO well, but I would go with better lenses instead. You likely want an f/2.8 lens or faster. Personally use the Minolta 80-200 APO HS, it is fast and fixed apertures. For the more close-up shooting I use the 24-70 f/2.8 from CZ. Should I want to have it really shallow I go for my primes, the old Minolta 50mm f/1.4 would be a way to go.

      Where A99 is a killer is more if you want to shoot landscapes etc. What I personally will do, is continuing using my A99 for a year or year and half after the release date of M2. Then when the price drops, consider getting a new toy 🙂

  4. It’s hard not to gloat when you have been right

    >> AP: What would you say to photographers who thought the Sony A-mount was dead?

    >> KM: We’ve never said such a thing and we’re keeping the A-mount system as our asset.
    Running A-mount alongside the E-mount is very important. A-mount is a keeper.

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