Diet with Dukan

I have been through the Dukan diet; the diet took over a year and resulting in me dropping 24kg. I am not going to describe how the diet is because it is done so many times before and better than I’ll will be able to.

There is no reason to buy expensive books about this effective diet, as the information is freely available on the net.


One remark is important, it is not a diet you can cheat on, and you either follow it or just don’t bother. The first phase is enchanting, while you drop a lot, and really fast. But don’t fall for it, you might drop 6-7 kg the first week, and 2 kg in the following weeks… but do not be tempted to stay in the phases longer than described. The reason is first of all that it possibly isn’t healthy, but more importantly that you miss out on the adjustment to your diet. Without these adjustments you quickly will gain the weight again, as soon as you relax on the diet in phase 4.

That’s where I am, and luckily … I know the drill phase 1… Here I come




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