PowerShell, a love story

Hi guys

Several times, I have begun the trip into scripting and automatization with PowerShell. For years was on the fence, each time discouraged by the effort and errors thrown at you breaking the curve.

With V3, documentation became easily accessible, introduction videos made enabling me to break the learning with ease.

I am a big fan of scripting trivial and repetitive work. There is tons of such works when doing Data warehousing. Alone generating inferred procedures and putting things into TFS involves tons of repetitive, trivial work so boring that it easily becomes error prone… no more

With my newly acquired PowerShell skills, productivity came, but it did not come alone, it brought a peril. PowerShell running in admin state, really can do everything you do not want it to-do. More than ever is it now important to know exactly what you are doing, and do this on test environments first.

I recommend watching the PowerShell 3.0 Jump Start. It is a bit to nerd loving, but it is still great, you can easily make your own examples out of their teachings.

Another observation is if a thing seems heard, then stop, and seek information. Most things should be easily done, if not you are possibly fighting to take a wrong path.

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