Much Pain (TM)

I’ve always wanted a Mac. There, I said it. I’m out of my Mac closet. I’ve secretly longed for one but could never really justify buying one. Now finally, I got one.. and most things works wonders, Photoshop .. check.. Word.. check… Word/Wordpress … Aickssss…

Writing a post in WordPress was as easy as writing in Microsoft Word, many may not know it, but you could write write a post in Word and then publish directly to your WordPress site, without having to copy them into the WordPress editor. It was easy to take advantage of the impressive graphics capabilities it word offered. From image manipulation to “SmartArt” to sophisticated charts and graphs, Microsoft Word had a lot to offer… only that is not support on MAC.

This is probably nit-picky, but Microsoft would classify the problem as “by design” meaning that they made a conscious decision not to include the blog feature in Word for Mac. They would save the word “bug” for features that are actually in the product but are not working as designed or expected.

Thanks for nothing…. 😦

In short.. I am open for suggestions .. what to write in ? .. (if you suggest open office.. i’ll have to kill you)

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