Diving at the drop offs reefs at Prasso Samos

At my last vacation in Samos, I took a day away from the family in order to go diving. I teamed up with Kerveli Village dive center, as it is the only dive center at Samos, that takes diving beyond making a bobble.

The center is based inside Kerveli Village Hotel with fast and easy access to the best dive sites of Samos at the north east cape of Prasso, with its drop off reefs and walls.

The two dives I attended was led by Makris Tassos, a great dive master, with a developed sense of humor. Waters was incredible, and the drop off reef filled with sea life.

and bottom scattered with amphoras. I didn’t go any deeper than 39meters, yet there was plenty to see.

A few objects sparked my eye, as they appeared to be manmade. However Makris couldn’t confirm this. This odd piece of rock which resembles a helmet is a good example. and another example resembles an unfinished column of some sort.

All in all it was a really nice dive with tons of interesting sights and scenes

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