Trail of Ancient Times – Bovbjerg Klint and Lighthouse

A few meters from Bovbjerg Lighthouse, which by the way dates to 1877, you will see the impressive Bovbjerg Klint. It is the only place you can see a cross-section of ice age layers from the last two ice ages.

A very short walk will bring you from the lighthouse to Trans Church. Seen from the outside, is it an impressive sight, sitting on top of a steep rocky sandy beach, with stairs leading down to a stone pier. But oddly boring, when visiting the church inside.

Location: Bovbjerg Mole

Many people say that it is the most beautiful at this point on the west coast of Jutland. And I tend to agree, especially when the waves are plundering into the pier, and water is jetted into the air.

I did manage to find an article in a newspaper which elaborate on how the groynes were constructed in 1909-1937,  in order to protect the beach and buildings from being eaten up by the sea. The work was documented by the photographer Martin Ingemann Johansen.

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