Organic patterns, a touch of Nature

This blog post is picking up from my last post. I wanted revisit the topic and address organic shapes. Organic Patterns speaks to us at an emotional level, where the geometrical is only speaking the accountant within our brain. My heart usually is filled with joy every time I visit coast, treading the forest or hiking in the mountains. The beauty of Organic patterns makes me feel Jolley, peaceful, calm, connected, and overwhelmed by the beauty that surrounds me. It is almost like I can sense the beauty. I get much of the same sensation photo of a beautiful piece of nature.

Organic patterns

Think about the shapes you see in nature rocks, mountains, the contours of landscapes hills, waves hammering the beach, and the shoreline. With very few exceptions everything natural you will find in nature will not be geometric forms. Patterns in nature are irregular, uneven, asymmetrical, flowing, gentle, and soft. Above all is organic patterns unpredictable, it is almost like nature opposes geometric forms only to blend in with geometrical objects in curvilinear forms.

When shooting Organic patterns

When shooting curvilinear forms, which similar to geometric patterns it is important to abstract. Abstraction is especially important when shooting these curvilinear forms very close up or very far away. By introducing abstraction we are resisting the unconscious urge to inject geometry, and through recreating organic patterns we can truly achieve scenes that looks naturally.


Enhancing your photos by mixing Geometric and Organic patterns

As contrast benefits almost any photograph, and the contrast between geometric and organic patterns is especially strong. Mixing these two types of patterns suggests some kind interaction or comparison between human and organic forces. Much depending of your composition, can a mixed composition provoke feelings like competition, struggle, balance, and mimicking and more all over to overwhelming feeling. You can even link the relationship from people to nature. This can be excelled by looking for compositions in which a relatively small organically shaped object appearing within a larger geometric context, in which a relatively small geometrically shaped object appears within a larger organic context. It is important that the shapes of geometric and organic objects balance each other without the distraction of too many other objects.

In this example Rubjerg Faro is photographed from the dunes of Rubjerg Knude. A line of dead pines in stuck into the sand to limit the sand drift. They form s-shaped line that gives a strong perspective. The S shape is probably the most intriguing of lines. Unlike other lines, it changes direction: left then right, back and forth, here then there. For that reason it possesses a sense of dimension, rhythm, an indecisiveness that seems to change its mind when you expect it the least. The dunes is very dominating in their organic shape, but still balanced, while the negative space balance them out. In the middle of the dunes is a geometric structure.


Maybe due to this is it that I enjoy visiting abandoned places, there on the brink of decay where structures is being swollen up by nature, geometric patterns decaying into organic patterns. This is perhaps the strongest of contrasts between the two.

2 thoughts on “Organic patterns, a touch of Nature

  1. henrikbruuncom 11/04/2016 — 03:56

    this follow up catches my attension more than the first chapter, because its where my photo hearts belongs to… and because the organic patterns are a forgotten chapter in photo technique, thanks Guldmann Photography, its almost virgin land your are covering. i appreciate your work – a difficult theme, maybe thats why nobody dare to touch this. – well untill now… keep them coming

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