Rubjerg Knot by Hjørring

It is Located on the North Sea, only a few kilometers west of Hjørring. Natural forces is at play, causing the sand to drift and dunes to move, eventually eating trees, houses yes everything on this path. The fury of the sea eats into the cliff. Rubjerg Knot is the highest and wildest part of Lønstrup Klint. The cliff is 15 km long and runs from Lønstrup in the north to Løkken in the south and is at its highest at Rubjerg where it reaches up to 70-90 meters in height.


Rubjerg-Knude faro is dating back to the 1900. It was built on a dune-less cliff 200 meters away from the sea and 60 meters above sea level, but as the years passed the sea drew closer, and with it came the dunes, which gradually began to swallow up the base of the lighthouse.


Not far away is Rubjerg old churchyard. The churchyard dates back to year 1100. And tales a story about the sailors perished at sea. There is an interesting gravestone at the site featuring an Romanesque granite cross and one side and a pagan sun wheel at the other. It is as old as the church.


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