ReMarkable lack of usability.

Using the Remarkable tabled has been a mixed pleasure. One on hand it fills the gap between a tablet/phone and the Laptop. It is an easy choice for making quick notes, small schematics or reading a book even outside in the sunshine.

The claim that you could write larger texts or emails is in my views a joke, at least at firmware 1.6 is too limited in usability. It is Remarkable why they haven’t implemented the features, the lack of them is so obvious,

Resembles a bug

  • There is no way to copy/cut/paste across pages/documents. Nor can you rearrange the order of pages in the document.
  • When inserting new pages, are they always inserted at the end, not behind the current page, where one would expect them to appear, and have you added too many pages, then there is no way to delete them again.
  • Navigation in PDF’s is a pain. There is no option to zoom to the entire page, so you are stuck with either the menu covering part of the information or having to constantly have the turn the menu off and on.
  • The layers seem to be buggy when reopening the documents. Formerly hidden layers remain hidden, but the button displays them as shown. I found that applying the hide button can bring it back to a consistent state.

The product could be improved a lot

  • Adding character recognition while writing, or allowing the OCR text to be ported back into your notes as a text element.

  • Adding shape recognition while drawing, making shapes like lines, circles, and squares easier to draw and achieving instant beautification.
  • Allowing for printing from the device.

  • Adding a mindmap feature

Is it worth it… I think so

I still recommend buying the device, but adjust your ambition to the device to reading books like you would do on a Kindle, and taking small notes from a meeting. The only alternative to the Remarkable is the Sony e-ink, which I find too big and cumbersome.


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