It doesn’t matter how a photograph looks; it matters how a photo makes you feel.

Today I’ve been I’ve been in a somewhat heavier mood and it got me thinking deeper on photography, Aesthetics and visual outcome. For who really cares how many megapixels your camera has, if it doesn’t convey emotion, and honestly who cares how sharp your images are if your lack an artistic vision and your message is unclear and cloudy. I get so tired with people focusing on camera brand, when they never send a deliberate message,  in short, I do not care if your lens is corner to corner sharp when it does not reflect anything else than the billion of other bland pictures that is taken every day.

I once heard the rude joke among photographers that “Everyone is a photographer until M” my personal twist to the joke possibly less funny but nevertheless equally true “Everyone is a photographer until they must capture a scene to form a particular visual outcome”.

Having a nice camera is not going to make for being a photographer, tons of equipment might produce technically brilliant photos, but in my eyes boring as hell. As a photographer, you need to have the eye for composition, light, message. Aesthetics. Conscientiously make choices in order to build up a deliberate visual expression. The point maybe to simply be an aesthetically pleasing scene, or something containing a more complex story, or the opposite, go for a visually disturbing or discordant outcome, its all a result of efforts in composition.

I believe that aesthetics and emotion are tied together, just as aesthetics and composition are tied together. And even-though aesthetics refers to the principles of the nature and appreciation of beauty, is judging of the same highly subjective thus a coherent, harmonious unity in the picture will create a story. If successful it will be clear and convincing. Poor composition, discordant elements and inappropriate or complex inclusions break down the message and spoil the unity of the picture. Perhaps the human eye and sensory perception prefer the aesthetics of the natural, rugged, textured, and imperfect.

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Composition in photography


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