Soft, warm, dimensional, and just flat-out magical

For me is capturing the Beauty of Early-Morning Light one great reason to hop out of bed (much to early). Without any comparison are sunrises much more rewarding than sunsets. They have a charm all their own, if only because of the mist and the golden colors, but also because of the tranquility, the melancholia offered.

There is a few tips to morning photography, but first and foremost its about being there and at the right location. This means arrive early, make sure to get to your shooting location while it’s still dark. Be all setup and ready Setup and ready when the sun break over the horizon. Do not worry that much about clouds, you will often have a few moments before the sun is over the them. For planning there is great tools, both for the web and your phone, I like to use The Photographer’s Ephemeris

A second tip is location, look for sea bodies, grassy fields, anything that can yield ground fog. It does add a soft, romantic expression where color, and mood comes together in the photo.

A last tip, forget any sort of Auto program,  they are not going to be helpful. Make sure you are on a tripod, so you can press exposure times, without getting shaky. It might be wise to use bracket around the exposure that looks best.

I got a few more photos on display on my 500px

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