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VILTROX JY-710 2.4GHZ Wireless Remote Shutter
This wireless intervalometer works wonders, I have used it extensively, it has a good vbattery life, handles extreme cold well, no problem with baking sun either. It is compatible with most camera systems, but beware to get the right version. It claims having a control distance up to 100 meters, yet i have not tested it with more than meters.

One of my favorite features is the light for the light up screen is a very dim green. You won’t ruin your night vision with this. All of the functions you expect from an interval-meter are there and work well for the most part. Besides featuring a remote control feature. It has automatic timer, it can set delay time, exposure time, interval time, continuous AF and number of shouts for timed interval photography. The time is settable in 1 second increments, units from 1 second to 99 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds.

Another of the favorite features is when using this for bulb photography, then the display  shows how long time your exposure has been. The device is configurable so you can enable audio notification of the passing time.


One thing that isn’t in the description is that controller can be connected with the wire directly to the camera if you don’t want to use the wireless function. There is a jack at the top of the controller.

Comparing the product

I know this is not a scientific test, but my experience with the JY710 is that it kept working at -25c degrees, long after where intervalometers like the Hahnel Giga T Pro II died. Should you want to see the result of that trip its to be found at “The ride of the Valkyries final” which is a timelapse taken approximate 100 km north of Trondheim, Norway.

It is also very intuitive where others take a longer study of manuals before you can figure them out.

Regrets, I’ve had a few, nothing too serious 

I could have wished for a “after” timer, where one could see the elapsed time, in case you are using long exposure noise reducing.

There is no on/off button, it frustrates me, yes i know that the display possibly is not using more power than a digital watch from the 90’s, still I hate it.

The quality of the product seems to match the price, I do not like the plastic used on the basic structure. It seems not to be a problem, but I would prefer something more robust.

The manual is poorly written. The company website is no use at all. But it is all the same, the product is fairly intuitive. I do recommend sitting at home learning this equipment before taking it out under the dark skies.


Giving the negative sides mentioned above, you might think that i would recommend you staying away from the product… and nothing would be more wrong. The price and the functionality outweighs any negative remark there is to this product. I could simply not live without this product.


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