Never “miss a fall”

The magic of exploring

Fall is a great time to drive around to look for spots where there’s color, you might find photographs right now, or locate spots worth coming back to later on

Do not worry if you get out too early and fog is still hanging over the fields. There is nothing like Fog to soften up and mute colors. But fog is not a bad thing, it adds mood, atmosphere and a great deal of mystery.

Do seek elevated locations, they often yield straight on views of a fall color arrays. It will give you a grander feel for how much color there is in the area.


Time spend well

I can spend an entire day out in the woods during those cool, clear and crisp days of color. I especially love the time where the sun is at a lower angle, giving long shadows for an extended period of time.

Location and time

When it comes to Autumn photography, then location and timing is everything. Do time when you venture out. You want to maximize the period of time where you got side-lighting, and for that its early out, and/or late home. A tripod is a absolute must, personally i use a tripod for everything, so shutter speed isn’t usually an issue.


Compliment fall colors

The is nothing like the autumn light, it will bring color and texture. Do find some images of mushrooms growing on the side of a tree and see how the colors excels. Bodies of water is effectively what you want to be looking for. It can be everything from water streams, creeks, ponds or even rivers. If you can find reflection in them you are having double luck.

Jens Jensen Efter år


Settings of the magic box

Cloud cover will give you less light, and because you’re photographing landscapes, generally you won’t want to sacrifice depth of field by opening up the aperture. So bring a tripod, it is often not the time you want to be hand-holding the camera.

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