Every once in a while genius is sticking its head out

Viggo Reinhold Rivad

a Danish autodidact photographer, his main occupation was as a taxi driver, but his heart and interest was for photography. Through an essay approach he expressed his humanism. Studying his work, it became apparent to me that Rivad compositions are strongly inspired by Henri Cartier-Bresson, yet his work strongly differentiate itself from other artists through a reflective essayistic approach.

There is a honesty to his story telling. Perhaps this is best reflected in his series “Et Farvel” (Farewell)

Staying true to your style

Another thing that is very apparent is the consistency of Rivad’s works. There is hardly any difference between his early works and his late pictures, besides the technical development. His theme and essayistic approach remained valid through out all the years.

This consistency is a common point that he shares with other masters such like Ansel Adams and Bresson. Personally I am not convinced that this is something I would strive after, after all how important is it that your work is recognizable from picture to picture. For me it is about remaining true to yourself, it is admirable being able to be inspired by others, but make sure that what you create is yours.

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! Do honor this artist by respecting that all photo’s appearing in this blog post is Viggo Rivad.


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