Never go down on appliances – Mixers

Being a lazy bastard who takes great interest in cooking, machinery is the breadwinner. Buying the wrong units has cause much grief and extra expense, choosing right the first time might initially cost more, but it will pay in the longer run. Another point to make is that good equipment often has low WAF, so do not bring your women when venturing for new appliances J.

I got no intention arguing for an industrial kitchen appliance, this blog argue with intent for baking at home.

Mixer, Forget about hand mixers. I started out with one, and it ruined my desire to bake so many times, they are underpowered and a general annoyance. Stand mixers is where you want to put your money, they can be left to work on their own and has more functions with many accessories and attachments available.

My first stand mixer was a Kenwood K-MIX, and it was a piece of crap. It didn’t have the mussel to kneed much dough at the time. Even with small amount of dough it quickly ran hot, and made gruesome noises… until it eventually died.

The quest for my next mixer was a struggle, between a machine that didn’t take up to much space, had the right mussel, but wasn’t too pricy. My choice fell on the Kitchen Aid Artisan, fair priced, looks nice in your kitchen, and with enough mussel to do a good job. Compared with the classic is the artisan stronger, and its bowl has a handle.

The downside of choosing the Artisan model is that you are going to spend a lot of buy extras accessories and attachments. Though it is a strong machine I cannot recommend kneading more than 500g of flour at a time.

Should I choose today, would I’ve have gone for a kitchen aid again, but most like would I have chosen the bigger model “professional 600”.

1 thought on “Never go down on appliances – Mixers

  1. I agree. I would also have bought the Kitchen Aid Pro 600. It isn’t even that expensive all things compared (430 USD on Amazon incl shipping)

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