Searing a nice Steak

With a few simple steps, you can cook a steak, which is to die for J

Choosing your cut.

Make sure you are on good terms with your local butcher. You do not want some 25 years worn-out milking cow that, just recently been flattened for beef. You want to select a cut of meat that is tender and has plenty of marbling. In general, the best cuts of beef for steak come from the rib, short loin or tenderloin primal cuts.

I went with a lower budget and chose a Rib eye steak, also known as Entrecôte.


Cooking the meat

To sear a good steak is it essential to have a good large cast iron skillet.

Make sure your beef has reached room temperature before frying it, give it a 2 hours at living room temperature before you start frying it. If you take it from the fridge to the pan, it will be ruined on the outside, before reaching the right temperature in the core.

Pat your cut dry with a paper towel before frying it. Meat should fry and not boil.

Season the beef with olive oil, and salt, and NOT pepper. The pepper will burn when you fry your steak. Add the pepper just before the steak is done.

It is hard to give exact times on frying times, but here is a rule of thumb, which can take base for your adjustment depending on cut, size and thickness.

VERY RARE (bleu) My personal favourite. It leaves the meat unspoiled, Very soft to the touch, and purple-red of colour. The inner is raw meat, unfortunately to few people loves and respect the food this way. You need a very hot pan with butter and oil, let the steak sear both sides just until browned (about 1 minute each side). Use your fingers to pressure the meat down against the pan, ensuring good contact.


RARE (Saignant) Sear for 2 minutes each side and 1 minute on the edge in very hot oil and butter. The steak will still feel soft when touched; the core colour will be red.


MEDIUM (à point) Sear for 3 minutes each side and 1 minute on the edge in very hot oil and butter. The steak will offer resistance when touched; the core colour will be pink, and pink juices will bead on the surface of the seared side of the steak when turned.


WELL DONE (bien cuit) (ruined) Sear both sides just until browned (about 1 minute each side) and then cook for about 15 minutes in a 170 C (325 F) mark 3 oven. The steak will be very firm when touched; the core colour will no longer be at all pink.


After you seared your steak, wrap it up in tinfoil and let it rest 5 min. Allowing the cuts to rest, will allow the heat to slowly heat the core of the steak, it will make the meat tender, and juicy. Do not panic if loses its temperature; just reheat it quickly before you serve. Meanwhile the cuts are resting, take the excess grease and meat juices and make your source.

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