Homemade Pasta


Why buy your pasta when you can make your own in 5 min. There is a lot of foolishness around the net with people making pasta by hand do disregard them, they envy us people in the 2100 century. Another point of debate is salt, some put salt in the dough, others just boil the pasta in salty water, ask your inner self if you really care.


Lets start, if you want to make food for around 4 people, you will need around 200g of pasta.

Here is the recipe

200g flour (use the cheapest), 2eggs, ¼ teaspoon of salt, ½ teaspoon of olive olie.

Put everything into the mixer, but put the flour into the bowl before the eggs.

Blend it until it starts to collect in chunks. Form the dough into 2 flat buns and we are ready for next step.

If the dough is sticky, do sprinkle them with flour, actually this is very important in every step to come, if sticky… sprinkle with flour.

Now adjust your pasta machine to the biggest interval between the rollers, run your dough through it 6 times, every time fold it, remember to flour if sticky. The result should be a fairly flat dough, silk alike.

Now turn the rollers in a notch, and run the dough though twice. Do now not fold the dough at this step. Repeat this step until you are at the thinnest option on your pasta machine.

Sprinkle your pasta with flour and you are done.

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