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Iceland – the land of light – Third

This is going to be my third post on Iceland I hope you have had a chance to view the many photos in (part 1 and Part 2). I am going to focus on panoramas in this third post, less texts and more photos. Iceland is such a different place, so hard to describe, rough nature, real nature, and all over. There is no other place that draws me like Iceland does, and I could easily se myself living on this windy rough island. Continue reading Iceland – the land of light – Third

Iceland – the land of light – First

Iceland is one of the countries I cannot get enough of, I love to visit it again and again. Every time I have had the pleasure of going to Iceland it has resulted in new adventures and new impressions. Last year we visited the western parts surrounding Reykjavik, but this year we went more Eastover. The plan was to be staying just south from Vatnajökull and some 90km west of Höfn, focusing on the coast, glacier and icebergs. The trip did prove itself to be much more than planned, there was a abandoned Viking movie set, in stunning surroundings, Aurora Borealis, waterfalls, ice caving, canyon hike, stunning coastal sites, caves at Vik and more. Continue reading Iceland – the land of light – First

Leiðarendi Cave

Leiðarendi is a lava tube located in the Tvibollahraun lava field, close to the Blue Mountains in Southwest Iceland, about a 25 minutes drive from Reykjavik. The site is easily accessible by car, or expensive arranged tours.


A distinctive feature of Leidarendi is various lava flakes that have fallen from its walls and roof, due to frost and erosion. These flakes indicate the many different lava streams that have flowed there subsequently throughout the ages. In the cave you will further see cave walls polished by lava streams along with stalagmites, stalactites and other fascinating formations.


  • Warm outdoor clothing (especially in winter)
  • Waterproof jacket and pants
  • Head wear and gloves is adviceable
  • A strong flashlight
  • Good hiking shoes are recommended

Take care

Mind your head in the tunnels, it is easy to hurt yourself on the ceiling. pay attention to your boots and cloth, cold and water makes it adviceable to wear a skiing set or alike. And finally and perhaps most important “take caution” as the tunnels is very vast.

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