Camera Calibration for LR/CameraRaw 11

Profiling CameraRaw and LightRoom (CR/LR). Adding profiles makes it easier to adjust specifically to your camera. Camera Raw 11 changed on this point from how it was done in the older versions. Adding such profiles make a huge difference in color representation and all your color adjustment in CR/LR is based on these profiles.
The effect of adding the Camera profiles is visible here in the picture below. After adding will a “profile” section become visible.

camera profile.jpg

How to find camera profiles for your camera. The camera profiles are found at Maurizio Piraccini wonderful website, and yes! its updated great work. Maurizio Piraccini did lots of profiles not only for Sony cameras, so you might want to visit his site. When you download his profiles you get many new choices in LR/CR, I ended up using “Faithful” as my basic camera profile. Even though it is not perfect, it is a good starting point and while it can look a bit flat without editing, you get rich and natural colors with a slight move of your saturation slider. Something you won’t get with the built-in profiles.

I was able to download the edition for my A99 MK2. Unzip the profile files and place them as described below.

For windows: Copy the unzipped files to “C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\CameraRaw\CameraProfiles”If you got difficulties finding that folder, then its because the folder structure is hidden. Unhide.. files and folders under folder settings.!

For Mac: I had a little problem locating the folder where to place the camera profiles. The reason was that the folder is well hidden. Open your browser


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