Synology Crashplan Crashing

I got Code42/Crashplan running as a headless setup on my Synology 415+, and it has been working beautifully until lately. After the latest update, and with increased amount of files to be backuped CrashPlan started to crash in the mid of its scans… Very frustrating.

I tried to ready all the guides on the net trying to overcome this problem. Finally I stumbled on this article where the heap size is changed for large backups.

Following the recommended method didn’t help me one bit. Setting the heap size to 3M with the “java mx 3072, restart” had no effect. On closer inspection it appeared that Crashplan was crashing before the setting could be persisted and take effect.

So instead i did the change straight to the configuration file.

under the folder /var/packages/CrashPlan/target you will find the file syno_package.vars. This file needed another line, and the whole system a restart.



Next issue will be to upgrade the amount of memory the box has, Crashplan is really a memory hawk.








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