The search for the right one – Ease of Use 3/3

Finding my soulmate bag to accommodate me at my urban photography tours hasn’t been at all easy. This entry is about why I ended up getting an all-purpose messenger bag, rather than buying a purpose designed.

First part of this article… The criteria for new bag

Second part of this article… Searching for the right one

Ease of Use

My AW tracker opened from the front, I have seen backs that opens the back (heavens understand that?), the side, and the top. I am sure they all have their usages, but for a bag of this size I am glad it opens from the top. It gives me very easy access, yet remains in sight, perfect in crowds and still keeping the contents safe.

Final words

You could argue that it is just a Practical versatile notebook bag, and you would be right. Because it is so versatile, then it is perfect for Traveling, Urban Outdoor, cycling, skiing and in my opinion photography. It got plenty of organizational features. Two internal bottle holders, one external. card holders, pockets for filters and batteries, and an external laptop pocket just to name some. It fits so well on the shoulder that it makes the same contents feel much lighter and the waste strap is great to have.

The quality was remarkable, even though it was made of 1000D Polyester and waterproof tarpaulin for unfavorable weather conditions, it is still very and I mean very durable. There is no doubt that whatever you are going to stuff it then it is going stand up to repeated, stressful use.

All in all, I love it

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